Saturday, November 4, 2006

Goldmyer Hot Spring: Footbridge Construction Has Begun

From: Beth (representing Goldmyer HS)

November, 2006. Construction of a new footbridge that will cross the Middle Fork River has begun. It will span the river close to where visitors to Goldmyer have been fording the river for decades. Construction will ideally be finished by spring, but the winter weather might influence the timing. Once the footbridge is completed, the Forest Service will close the new gate at the Dingford trailhead, about 4 miles before the new bridge. Time to get your mountain bikes into good working order! (and remember that we all really do need to get more exercise!)

During construction, the 'lower parking lot' close to the river will be closed. Everyone must park off to the side of the road at the top of the 'driveway', and walk down to the river. Please park in a 'nose-in' manner to allow more vehicles to fit.

For the time being, if the river is too deep to wade thru, visitors can use an existing footbridge that is located farther up the road. Find it's trailhead about 2 3/4 miles beyond the river ford. It's marked by a small sign on the right hand side of the road, "#1003 Middle Fork Trail". From the trail head, it's about 1 mile to the footbridge, and two miles beyond the footbridge you will intersect with the trail that leads away from the river and up to the Goldmyer property and Caretaker's cabin. During the rainy/winter/snowmelt months the river's depth will fluxuate, sometimes very rapidly. It is not possible to know exactly what the river will do ahead of time. Go prepared!

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