Sunday, November 5, 2006

Nude Beaches YES sign waving this Sunday

Nude Beaches YES! Meeting for coffee at Peet's.

Definitely support in Fremont

Hmmm, an extra statue here.
Wonder who put the SLUGS cap on it?

Standing on the corner,
Watching all the cars go by . . .

The one thing that strikes me every time I participate in an advocacy event that brings me into contact with the general public is that a very large majority do, in fact, support some of the objectives we are striving to obtain . . . once those objectives are brought to their attention and awareness. That was certainly the case with the friendly reception we received in Fremont this Sunday as we took up our signs and made sure a drizzly rainy day in Seattle had some excitement.

In Fremont you expect the eclectic and an acceptance of diverse ideas . . . and that we certainly received from almost everyone we passed. Especially the young adults, male and female both, who were in a hurry to pose with us, holding the signs. Mark brought along quite a few signs . . . he should have brought more because couples took up signs and went off displaying them elsewhere. Encouraging!

Fremont is also a major arterial between very conservative Ballard and downtown Seattle. A lot of those late model SUVs passing through from Ballard honked (which set of a cascade of honking) and gave us very smiley thumbs up gestures. These people couldn't look more suburban and conservative. At the very least we gave them a moment of levity . . . at the best, the nascent awareness and food for thought . . .

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