Friday, January 19, 2007

Index-Galena-Beckler Loop

Along the Index-Galena - Beckler River Road (the FS 65 Loop up the North Fork Skykomish and Beckler River Valleys) there are numerous rustic to primitive (and even a couple of developed) camping areas. Sited by the rivers and reasonably accessible by car, these campsites lend themselves to nude camping and skinny-dipping.

With spring and summer almost in our grasps, it's time to think about arranging some camping trips. The embedded interactice map below depicts some of the camping areas I have pitched tent in the past . . . most of them all to myself or the party I was with andmost of the time enjoying some nude time with friends by the side of the river in some pretty awesome scenary. The full size version of the interactive map below can be seen by clicking on the title above. In case you haven't played with Google-style maps before (where have you been?), you can move the map around (click and drag), zoom, click on various icons for information, and even see the map in various forms (including topos and sat images).

During this coming hiking and camping season, I plan to do a nude camping trip at least once a month as a base for nude hiking onto the many wonderful trails in the area. All bonifide naturists are welcome to join in planning and enjoying such a trip . . . or better yet, become a member of the SLUGS and partake of many more nude activities such as these.

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