Monday, January 8, 2007

Austin Hot Springs: How Hot?

Some recent photos of Austin and Bagby Hot Springs come this way via a North American Hot Springs Association link to Renee & Nats Photo Gallery. Two photos of Austin Hot Springs give you some idea of how hot these under water hot springs can be. I share those here and credit Renee and Nat, but check out the other images of their trip to Austin and Bagby Hot Springs on Christmas Day.

Bagby is open to the public (since it is on public National Forest ground) . . . but Austin is on private property. You should respect that. Also, the river is swift and dangerous, especially at this time of year. There have been a number of deaths from people attempting to ford the river in the past.

This sign is not kidding around . . . the thermal vents
in the bed of the river spew out water that is
often beyond the boiling point!

Steam rising from the swift, winter waters of the Clackamas?
That's the hot spring below that cold water!

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