Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Membership Has Its Advantages: Nude Swim Events

As you may have noticed, I post a lot of nude swim events to the Clothing Optional Calendar in the sidebar. I've been meaning to write up a post on these events all winter long but just never seemed to find the time . . . which is paradoxical since that's the same excuse I use during the hot summer season when I'm much more inclined to be hiking or lolling about on a nude beach somewhere. In any case, winter and cold weather need not be a damper to your enjoyment of a nude lifestyle. There are plenty of clothing-optional things going on. There are events almost every weekend. Nude swims are only one of them . . . and in most cases, these events are a benefit of membership in a nudist or naturist organization.

Membership has its advantages. The SLUGS Swims (SLUG=Sun Lovers Under Grey Skies) has managed to secure a luxurious private facility for the exclusive use of members and vetted guests. When I say swims, I'm understating what we get for a mere $10. The pool is a large Olympic-sized pool under an arching modernistic skylighted dome in a beautiful section of town. The water is crystal clear and a warm 75-80 degrees. At nighttime you have gorgious views through the huge glass panels . . . an open and expansive sensation unlike most municipal pools.

Clean and modern changing rooms, complete with showers (and a nice touch . . . hair dryers) are reached after entering through the foyer and a multitude of TV/game rooms, mini-snack bar, music and special interest rooms. You feel very welcome indeed . . . and it is all clothing-optional for the night. Swim, watch a DVD while enjoying cookies . . . get to know what the other SLUGgies have been up to . . . meet new members or potential members, then head for some more relaxing floating in the pool . . . or a wild game of water polo.

Or . . . slip into the hot tub and relax the muscles. And the piece d' resistance! A large solid wood-lined sauna . . . a 150-160 degree dry heat guaranteed to cleanse your aches and pains. Heaven on earth. I spent more time in the sauna than anywhere else. Membership does have its privelages.

We see those whom we relate to frequently during the warmer months and it gives us a chance to chat and go over the past years events . . . plan new ones. The comadre is the best part of these events. These people are your friends with whom you have shared much. There is no reason for the cold winter months to stop that unique friendship that club association and membership brings.

To those unaffiliated nudists out there . . . and those just curious about the warm friendships this lifestyle brings . . . take advantage of what association can bring. Nude swims are just one of the many benefits of club membership.

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