Friday, February 2, 2007

Blog Housekeeping

Got bored stuck here in the house with little to talk about since I can't seem to find the time to enjoy this great weather in the mountains. But all is not lost . . . I completely rearranged the sidebar to my blog and consolidated all my links, feeds and calendar into one, very-organized widget. Combined with an OPML file containing all my links, the widget makes it easy to control link-clutter.

Getting really into the OPML spec for organizing data . . . especially for links and feeds. If you like the widget and its' contents feel free to get a copy for download to your desktop for easy access to nudist and naturist sites (and you're certainly welcome to recommend those that I miss). The widget makes a great link organizer as well as a RSS/ATOM reader.

If all you want are my links then download the OPML file and import that file into your RSS Reader (Google provides a great feed reader service and the latest browsers handle feeds very well).

I dumped the HTMLGear Calendar in favor of a new service called RSSCalendar that allows you to publish a multitude of RSS feeds of your calendar entries, including those you mark as private (well, they're not exactly private once I post them in this blog but at least they are not visible except to those who visit my blog or subscribe to the calendar feed from the blog . . . just what I wanted. The calendar feed is shown in the new widget.

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