Wednesday, February 21, 2007

ClothesFree FrapprMap

How about this idea of using the Web 2.0 to connect nudists and naturists together. INA/Clothesfree has put up a FrapprMap. The idea about it is to get naturists and nudists to place pins of their locations and fill up the world with naked people. (well, maybe that's not the perfect explanation but it's all I got to go on right now)

Anyway, it looks like fun to see where some of these nudists are coming from. Anyone can put themselves on the naurist/nudist map, though you do have to have an account (free) to do so. All they ask is to choose a username, a password and provide an email address. Frappr has never sent me any sapm on my email address in the time I've been a member, so they seem trustworthy.

While you're adding yourself to the ClothesFree Frappr map, why not drop by my map and add yourself there as a friend. My Frappr Map is at:

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