Monday, February 26, 2007

SOLV-IT Earth Day Clean-Up – Sauvie Island

Get those calendars out and mark ‘em…!

ORCOBA teams up with Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife


SOLV-IT Earth Day Clean-Up – Sauvie Island

“Earth Day” - Saturday, April 28, 2007

9:00am – 1:00pm

On Saturday, April 28th, thousands of volunteers will converge on approximately 100 project sites in the greater Portland metropolitan area and work together to SOLV IT.

SOLV IT, presented by Portland General Electric, focuses on cleaning illegal dumpsites, beautifying and enhancing neighborhoods and public spaces, restoring watersheds, and much more. In the past seventeen years, SOLV IT volunteers have removed more than 6,400 tons of debris from illegal dumpsites, neighborhoods and natural areas.

ORCOBA is again joining forces with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife for this year’s Earth Day clean-up on Sauvie Island. Last year, our members showed up in impressive numbers and helped to make a record turn-out for ODFW’s annual island clean-up project as part of the SOLV-IT program. ODFW has asked us to participate again this year, and they are excited to have our group’s help again.

During last year’s clean-up, ORCOBA members removed a significant amount of trash, storm debris, and environmental hazards from Collins Beach as well as neighboring Walton Beach and Willow Bar. Of particular significance was the eradication of large amounts of Styrofoam, ranging from piano-sized blocks to small clusters of beads, from the beach and wooded areas. Styrofoam has been identified as a serious threat to wildlife, which mistakes it for food and attempts to ingest it, and has been attributed to the alarming mortality rate of the island’s bird population.

This is a preliminary announcement; further details will be posted soon. But for now, plan on coming out and spending a fun morning making Collins Beach and Sauvie Island a better place than we found it. This is also an excellent opportunity to show the “textile” world just how cool naturists are! The fact that government and non-profit agencies are so eager to work with us is a great testimonial to the fact that naturists are gaining recognition, acceptance and appreciation among the clothed world!

See you at Sauvie on April 28th!

Oregon Clothing-Optional Beach Alliance (ORCOBA)

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