Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Are You Arriving Here from Domai?

. . . if so, please be aware that this site does not contain any erotic or pornographic images of women. The only images you will find here are of me . . . and if they excite your fancy then you have bigger problems than I suspected. If you are looking for those erotic images, click the Back Button right now and resume surfing where you were before you arrived. My blog will disappoint you.

However, you may have come here with some curiosity about the lifestyle of nudism and naturism. If so, read on and feel free to leave comments (in good taste and humor), or ask questions.

I have asked that my link be removed but in the interim, the web stats tell me traffic has spiked 200% just from Domai. Thank you for visiting but I'd really like to know that my visitors came here for the real purpose of learning a little more about naturism and perhaps taking that first step themselves.

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