Thursday, February 21, 2008

Olympic Hot Springs: A Soak and Vandalism

A contributor offers this about a recent trip to Olympic Hot Springs:
I just recently returned from a over night amble under a full moonlight and over deep patches of snow drifts. We parked about 2 miles from the trail-head at Look Out Point arriving in the early evening. The hike was a bit hairy and technical at time, leaving you clinging to snowy embankments and looking down as sharp descents. But the reward was to soak our bones in the upper pool, without a soul in sight for probably 20 miles. The major disappointment is returning to the truck the next afternoon to discover the cab window completely shattered out, the doors open, and stereo speaker wires dangling about under the dash. Yes, my friend has his latest stereo toys jacked along with a cell phone, back pack, one shoe (go figure), and my pair of REI pants. So, if you get up the courage to go soaking in the more dormant time at Elwa, be sure to keep personal items in the vehicle to a minimum and concealed or have some one drop you off. The lunar eclipse on th drive home reminded us of how fortunate we really are.

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