Friday, June 6, 2008

Followup to "Look Ma!, No Tan Lines!

Well, it seems I caught the attention of the writer of the article "Look Ma! No Tan Lines!" and she referenced this blog in her followup story. Of course, I couldn't resist posting a comment of my own.

The Nudehiker Blog

"I also found at least one nude hiker blogger, who also happens to be from the Northwest. Warning: If you didn't like naked Barbie, you really won't like this. He doesn't just hike in the nude, he takes pictures of himself."

Simply going to the site (this site), you will not encounter nudity unless you explicitly scroll down past the banner image. That was a conscious decision because I do recognize that some people do not want to see nudity without some advance warning first. This site is also ICRA-labelled to allow properly-configured browsers to allow or disallow access to the site based on user-settings. The nudity on my site is simple, non-sexual nudity depicting my journeys into the forests, mountains and beaches of the great Northwest.

There should be nothing to be ashamed of for sharing the exquisite joy of hiking nude. What better way to share nudism than through imagery . . . innocent and non-threatening?

I take a stance and would hope that people get over their body-image phobias. All are welcome to read my blog and comment. Find out what you are missing . . . the simple joy of sensing your environment with your entire body. Nudism and naturism is a wholesome lifestyle that builds confidence and acceptance of others. There is nothing sexual about it.

"Clothing emphasizes sexuality, Nudity de-emphasizes and helps us to see others as equals."

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