Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Glassbar Island: State Troopers not to ticket for nudity

Glassbar Island Nude Beach Volunteers report encouraging and positive news:

The Oregon State Parks Department has requested (and been granted) help from the Oregon State Police to monitor homeless camp locations along the Wildish 'haul' road by Glassbar Island.

Once a week an Oregon State Trooper will be checking homeless sites for any new activity. There will be a Parks employee along with the Trooper when he drives through the area.

In past years there have been a number of homeless camp sites with their associated activities and garbage, between the Wildish 'haul' road and the part of the river that runs along the west side of Glassbar Island.

The Glassbar Island Nude Beach Volunteers, who previously have monitored this type of activity and reported it to the Oregon State Parks Department greatly appreciates the help from the Oregon State Police.

A question was raised about nudity on the island and the weekly visit by the Oregon State Trooper. The Oregon State Trooper will be here to monitor the homeless camps - NOT to ticket for nudity. So please, be nice, say "hi", the Trooper is here to help protect the area and make it a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

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