Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goldmyer Hot Springs June 10th, 2008 access update

From: Beth

The snow is gone from Goldmyer at 2000 ft. elevation!!.....but there's a lot left above Goldmyer..... 3 feet at 3000 ft. elevation at the old Dutch Miller Gap trailhead beyond Goldmyer (do note that the Forest Service has renamed the Dingford Creek trailhead to Dutch Miller Gap trailhead.... talk about confusion). The Forest Service has smoothed down the rough places in the road (not to confuse 'rough places' with 'potholes').

So, the summer soaking season has begun! Regular clearance vehicles can once again drive to the trailhead. Mountain biking along the old roadbed beyond the trailhead is the way to go, especially if you're visiting Goldmyer for a day trip. Avoid hiking in along the Middle Fork trail for now as the unbridged streams are roaring with snow-melt.

The Forest Service contractor is back at work at the new footbridge by Goldmyer building the ramps at either side of the footbridge, so yield to machinery please. By the end of June we'll be able to push bicycles directly over the bridge without having to carry them up and down steep stairs.

For those who haven't heard yet, there has been a price increase. Please see the GM web-site for the new rates for both members and non-members. Another way to support the continuing preservation of Goldmyer is to inquire with your employer about any matching grant and/or payroll deduction programs that might be available. Microsoft has an awesome 1 for 1 matching grant program..... pledge $50 and Goldmyer gets $100!


It bears repeating the essentials of a visit to Golmyer. From their website:
Goldmyer is approximately 25 miles east of North Bend, WA on the S.E. Middle Fork Road (FS Road 56). FS Road 56 is gated with a locked gate at the Dingford Creek trailhead. The road is usually passable by a car with regular clearance from late spring to early fall. Parking at the trail head requires a Forest Service parking pass, which can be obtained at REI, Forest Service offices, such as the office in North Bend and the three Shell stations in North Bend. It is about a 4.5 mile hike from the locked gate to the bridge across the Middle fork River. Driving instructions can be obtained from the Goldmyer offices, located at 202 N. 85th, #106, Seattle, WA. 98103.

Our telephone number is (206)789-5631. Leave a message on the answering machine. The office is staffed on Tuesday afternoons and Friday evenings, so be sure you call well ahead of your intended visit. Reservations are always recommended, and during the busy summer season, required to assure access. We limit access to 20 people per day. Call far enough in advance so that we have a chance to call back and confirm your reservation.

The entry fee of $15.00 per adult per day grants you access to the property for either a short day visit or an overnight stay of up to 24 hours. Check-in time is from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Check out time for an overnight stay is 12:00 noon. Children are free, and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Memberships are available for folks who intend to visit frequently. Our 4-visit membership is $50 and the 6-visit membership is $75.

Additionally, we have a sustaining membership level for $100 or more. Maximum group size is 12. Reservations for all must be paid in full in advance. We accept credit cards for advance payments but not at the springs. Contact the office for information, reservations and detailed directions. If you desire, use of the property can include camping in one of several beautiful wilderness campsites overlooking the river.

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