Friday, December 26, 2008

Frolicking in the Snow

Streetlamp-lit, Ice-coated Tree the first night of the snowstorm

Well, we Seattlelites seem to always complain about never getting a white Christmas.  Now they're complainng the exact opposite.  This week-long series of snow dumps has practically paralyzed the city.  On the other hand there is a lot of beauty and enjoyment to be had playing in the snow close to home since the mountains are under fierce assualt with blizzard conditions.

Can't Resist Making a Nude Snow Angel

Christmas morning the temperatures finally got above the freezing point . . . a sweet present to this nudist who was just itching to get out and play naked in the white stuff.  Amid lazy falling of heavy, fat snowflakes I just had to violate that virgin patch of snow and make a nude snow angel while my dog looked on and wondered just how crazy I was.

Dang Invigorating . . .

No one was out in the neighboring yards . . . good thing too as the foliage I depend on for privacy screening is barren this time of year.  I spent a good ten to fifteen minutes at a time tossing snowballs at my dog (and missing) . . . a few minutes inside warming up with coffee . . . and then back out.  Was good for the soul and a respite from cabin fever.

Da Puppy has a Fur Coat . . . She loves this stuff!!!!!

Of course, the puppy still thinks I'm crazy . . . but hey, I'm a human, so there!

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