Monday, September 14, 2009

AANR-NW Government Affairs Team Extends A Special Invitation

Ever wonder who defends and supports our freedom to recreate nude in and on the beautiful public lands and beaches of the Northwest? Who argues and promotes greater understanding between those who would limit our freedoms and those of us who would simply take them for granted?

Well, here's a great opportunity to meet and hear from those who spend their hard-earned time and money so that we have places to go and enjoy being ourselves au'natural. Hear from those involved in mid to high-level discussions about clothing-optional beaches, our national forests and numerous hot springs. Add your own two-cents worth and . . . enjoy it all within a great nude resort, the Willamettans ( in Eugene, OR with side trips possible to nearby Glassbar Nude Beach, Cougar Hot Springs, etc, etc.

The event is the AANR-NW Board meeting held over the weekend of Friday evening September 25 through Sunday September 27. This invitation is at the behest of the AANR-NW Government Affairs Team (AANR-NW GAT). While the Naturist Action Committee of The Naturist Society does much the same type of advocacy, there are differences in approaches between AANR's GAT and TNS's NAC. I support both for many positive reasons and welcome a chance to listen and then provide my input for what I see as important efforts for all nudists and naturists . . . whether they support AANR or TNS, both . . . or neither. And the Willamettans Resort just cannot be beat for friendliness. It is my understanding that you do not have to be an AANR member to participate. If you enjoy the nudist lifestyle, what's holding you back. Summer's fading fast ...

Submitted by: Shirley Gauthier-AANR-NW Public Lands Liaison

The AANR-NW Government Affairs Team (AANR-NW GAT) invites you to attend the AANR-NW Board meeting. The meeting will be held at the Willamettans ( starting on Friday evening September 25 and closing on Sunday September 27.

You might be asking yourself “why should I attend an AANR-NW Board Meeting”. Well here are a few fun reasons.

Kevin Price Oregon Parks and Recreation Department District Manager for the Gorge/Portland District and Scott Youngblood Park Ranger for Glassbar Island State Park will be speaking on Saturday, September 27 starting at 11am. Kevin who first met with us in 2002 and Scott new to the area after a move from Georgia will share information concerning our partnerships at both Rooster Rock State Park and Glassbar Island State Park.

Attending a Board meeting is a great way to find out how your dues money is being budgeted. Get the latest AANR updates on Rooster Rock, Glassbar Island, Bagby Hot Springs, Terwilliger (Cougar) Hot Springs and more information about nude recreation on public lands, and events for the future.

If your not interested in the attending meetings you can enjoy a 90 degree pool, hiking, camping, large hot tub, sauna, volleyball, pickleball, mini-golf, music by the pool, karaoke, and meeting some of your nudist friends and volunteers for a reunion.

Call the Willamettans at 541-933-2809 to make your fun filled weekend reservations.

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