Monday, September 28, 2009

Glassbar Island State Park: Adopt-a-Tire, $3 Each

$3 gets this (or another of the numerous discarded tires)
off the beach and waterways to be recycled

I write to solicit your help with a public lands fundraiser we having in our Northwest Region. Oregon.

Glassbar Island State Park located in Springfield, Oregon is an undeveloped State Park that has a history of nude recreation dating back to the 50's. It is legal to recreate nude in the State Park and we do use the entire park to do so. However, Lane County has an ordinance that prohibits nudity. It is our intent at a future time to approach the Board of Commissioners to designate the area clothing optional.

Glassbar Island Nude Beach Volunteers (GINBV) a new 100% AANR club ( has a ten-year history of working with the Oregon State Parks Department, Lane County Waste Management and SOLV ( GINBV members contribute volunteer time and energy but as a new club financial demands are challenging.

Heavy Equipment called in to
remove one of the 1,500 lb tires

The park is home to a large number of rubber tires that were abandoned by a previous gravel mining operation going back decades. Our local problem is that with every cleanup rubber tires are collected and the recycling fees are exhausting. AANR-NW recently paid $600 to have the two 1500 pound tires recycled that are pictured with this article. You might wonder why they are not the responsibility of the Oregon State Parks Department. Oregon State Parks receive no support from tax dollars and are solely supported by Oregon Lottery dollars. Our new Glassbar Island State Park Manager Scott Youngblood who recently arrived from Georgia has no budget for recycling the tires. Currently GINBV members collect the tires and they are being stored at the Rangers compound. It is our desire to support the cleanup and recycling efforts.

Barely enough room in the truck
to haul this tire to recycling

Your tire adoption check will help cover the cost of recycling. In addition when we go before the County Commissions to seek nude recreation designation it will be clear that the interest in this park extends far beyond Oregon.

It is simple! The cost is $3 per tire. Simply write your check out to AANR-NW and put tires in the subject line. Mail your check to

POB 937,
Marcola, Oregon 97454

There is no contribution too small.

Thank you,
Shirley Gauthier
AANR-NW Public Lands Liaison

Comment: Give up a daily latte for one week and get rid of seven tires. This is a good cause no matter what side of the clothing-optional fence you reside.


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