Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bagby Hot Springs Nudity Issue Update

From AANR eNews, Sep 30th, 2009:
[Note, Steve is AANR-NW and Don is with NAC - Rick]

Rather than paraphrase the Forest Service position we are posting the following messages from Acting District Ranger Alison Nelson. It seems the clearest way to get the information out to our membership and the nudist community.

Steve, it is fine to share or post my recent message so others can have a common understanding. Looking forward to the information you collect.

Hello Steve Hubbard and Don Zirbel,

I hope you are each doing well. I appreciate your suggestions and interest in Bagby Hot Springs and our occupancy & use order (MH-215-20-92) prohibiting being publicly nude at developed recreation sites within the Mt. Hood National Forest. Since Steve raised this topic several weeks ago, we are hearing again from family users of Bagby Hot Springs also concerned with nudity at Bagby.

Earlier this week Steve and I jotted down some suggested wording which, upon further review with Gary Larsen, forest staff and Law Enforcement, conflicts with our forest order in place, so can't be posted. As I relayed to each of you by phone message today, I decided to re-post the original notice at Bagby Hot Springs, stating "3. Clothing is optional only in the Bath House. Please be respectful to those around you." - the exact wording Steve questioned about 3 weeks ago, and which is not consistent with our standing forest order. We posted this at Bagby and removed other conflicting information.

I need more information to proceed, and this may involve reconsidering our standing forest order. It would help me immensely if either or both of you could find and provide examples of other public hot springs facilities on national forests and their corresponding forest regulations, so we can compare.

I appreciate the dialog and further conversation on how we can best provide service to the public. Don, sorry we have not yet connected directly by phone. The district has been extremely busy. This week we are also dealing with a tragic fatality in our staff family, so working with staff and arranging grief sessions has taken some additional time.

Alison S. Nelson
Acting District Ranger
Clackamas Ranger District

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