Friday, December 29, 2006

I Do Appreciate Comments But . . .

Anonymous does not hack it!

By commenting anonymous you dillute the value of your comment and make me wonder as to your motives. Granted, 'anonymous commenting' has it's places . . . sensitive subjects, etc, etc. But for general discussion, do us all a favor and post a name so that we can sort the chaff from the real kernels of wisdom. Anonymous discourse makes a conversation one way. Blogger makes it easy to attach a name (fake, even) to your posts. Please do so.

In the future, I will refrain from replying to anonymous comments unless the comment bears response (in my opinion). I will also moderate comments by deleting them if they bear little in context with the article commented on.

So . . . 'anonymous' and I'll probably ignore you and quite possibly delete the comment. Use your name and make this a two-way conversation! Better yet, sign up for a Blogger account and sign with it.

Of course, anything even remotely tasteless will be deleted whenever I come across them.

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