Thursday, December 21, 2006

Kaiser Warm Spring, Arizona Update

This report from Camilla and Bill

Dear Sister Brother Soakers,

We're happy to report that Kaiser is alive and well. The pool has been rebuilt and is a good warm weather soak, due to the 95 degree water.

Catastrophic flooding the last two winters have lowered the canyon floor as much as ten feet in places. It's down so far that we walked by the Touchhole Mine on the right, just before the spring, and didn't even see it, because now it's about ten feet up in the air, whereas it used to be near the canyon floor.

The soaking pool at the warm spring now sits about three feet lower than it used to be. The concrete pool and shade structure are gone, but a new stone and sand pool is in place. Cool swimming 150 yards down canyon in Burro Creek is still nice in hot weather.

Nude soaking, hiking, and soaking are always the norm at Keiser. High clearance 4wd ingress can be made to the edge of the canyon only, one quarter mile below the bridge. The canyon is so badly washed out and filled with huge boulders, hiking is the only possible means of travel from there down.

Nude Naturally,
Camilla Van Sickle Bill Pennington

Stock image of Kaiser Hot Springs,
Photographer Unknown

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