Monday, December 25, 2006

Goldmyer Hot Springs: December 22, 2006 access update

From: Beth

Please read the November 28th access info for wintertime things to consider.

As of December 22, the road has been cleared of all the trees that dropped over the road, as far as the river ford, during The Dec. 14-15th Windstorm. High clearance vehicles can drive to the river ford. There is some snow, but not much.... chances are that it will snow up there this week-end. The river is moderate in depth. Note that both road and river conditions can change real quick! We doubt, but don't know for certain, that vehicles can drive to the upper footbridge trailhead because of downed trees and snow.

A number of big trees came down on the Goldmyer property in The Windstorm, but none hit the hotsprings or caretaker's cabin. The water is still good and hot, and it hasn't been too busy with visitors. Great time of year for a soak! Go prepared for winter conditions!

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