Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bad News at Black's Beach

As Posted in the Naturist Forums a few days ago. Message posted in part to pertinent concerns. Rick

From: Lloyd Johnson (http://blacksbeach.org)

This is the latest newsletter from Black's Beach, in text format. I will Load a Word 2000 version to the website.

Bad News:
I put out a September issue already, but one incident requires that I put out a second edition. At approximately 7pm September 1st a ranger drove from north to south announcing that he had a complaint and we all had to get dressed for the remainder of the day. The Cahill Policy requires that they receive a complaint before they can order us to get dressed, and it's only in effect for the remainder of the day. It could have been worse; the day was practically over.

I stopped the ranger to ask him about the complaint and he replied that they received a WRITTEN complaint. I advised him that I will be filing a public records request to see that complaint.

We don't yet know if this was an isolated incident, or the first symptom of a bigger problem. Similar things have occurred in other states and other parks. Sometimes there was a complaint and sometimes it was an officer with a power trip. It will likely take weeks to uncover the facts. We all hope for the best, but it's my job to prepare for the worst.

There were suspicious circumstances. That same ranger drove north to south, passing the Bares volleyball court at 6:21. I know this because he ran over and broke some volleyball equipment, leading him to stop and get stuck in the sand. Volleyball players pushed him out and I took a picture with a digital camera, recording the time. Then just 40 minutes later he returns with a complaint. Who was in the office so late to receive the complaint?

Afterward, he drove north with emergency lights running, disappearing around Flatrock about sunset.

To my knowledge this last occurred March 12th 2006. The details and other relevant information are in the April 2006 issue. Copies are available upon request at our yellow flag, or can be downloaded from the archives.

If anyone was cited or has information about the complaint, please contact Lloyd. We may be able to help with your legal defense.

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