Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Post-Labor Day Weekend Clean-up at Collins Beach

ORCOBA, in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, is hosting a Post-Labor Day Weekend Clean-up at Collins Beach:

Saturday, September 8th --- 9:00am – Noon

Labor Day Weekend puts a strain on ODFW’s island resources, due to the large volumes of trash typically left behind on Sauvie Island’s recreation areas. ODFW is also shorthanded during this time of year, making trash cleanup a major concern. Our post-Labor Day cleanup comes at a welcome time for ODFW, and they are pleased to make this an official ODFW-ORCOBA cooperative effort. Thanks to the naturist community, Collins Beach has a reputation for being the cleanest beach on the island, a fact which is readily acknowledged by ODFW officials.

We will target the usual areas; the parking lot, wooded areas, and the beach itself. Filled bags and large debris can be set out along the road for transfer via pickup truck down to ODFW’s collection site near Willow Bar for final disposal. We'll have a pickup truck on site for the transfer duties; if anyone else brings one out as well, that will be great, although the one truck will likely be adequate for making multiple runs throughout the morning as needed. Participants can choose to clean up a specific area, or fill in as necessary, depending on the number of participants.

The check-in area will be at the parking lot near Entrance 3, starting around 9:00am. Garbage bags will be available, along with bottled drinking water. It is recommended that participants bring along a pair of work gloves and dress accordingly. Clothing, of course, is optional on the beach, but required in the parking lot and areas readily visible from the road, in compliance with ODFW regulations governing the beach.

As this is an official ODFW-endorsed event, participants will be required to read and sign an ODFW "Conditions of Volunteer Service" form, available at check-in. Participants are then registered with ODFW as part of their Volunteer Team and are “certified” for future ORCOBA/ODFW cleanup activities on Sauvie Island over the next year. Everyone is welcome.

Typically, these cleanups are completed within a couple of hours; however, participants are free to volunteer whatever amount of time they wish. Following the cleanup, around noon or so, participants are welcome to join others on the beach near entrance 3 for a casual picnic lunch.

See you there!

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