Friday, September 14, 2007

My Challenge Was Accepted

Sometime ago I challenged Rick at Besthikes to try hiking nude and he said he would try it . . . maybe. Well, he did and although he was a little nervous about his first attempt, he was honest about it and willing to say he would try it again. A good first start and a realization that nude hiking is pretty common in the back country.

By the way, Best Hikes is a great resource for those looking for those special hikes around the world. The info is great . . . the photography superlative! Check the site out. Rick

Rick the nude hiker

September 12th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Not me.

That would be Rick of the Nudehiker blog.

I once on this site — like many others — made light of the sport of hiking sans clothing. Rick challenged me to try it first before mocking others who enjoy walking in the buff.

Well, Rick …


That’s me. I walked away from my tent one morning in the Sierra Nevada mountains feeling very … breezy.

Though there was almost zero chance of encountering (offending) others I still felt somewhat nervous and did not get comfortable at any time over the (admittedly brief) venture.

Seems to me that most aboriginal cultures cover their genitals, if only for safety.

But I do promise to try it again, Rick, in future. Perhaps, with time, I can get to relax and then enjoy the sensation.

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