Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Portland Area: Nude Swims and Bowling by Hidden Springs

Summer is running towards its end and Hidden Springs is setting their sights towards the coming fall and winter season with indoor nude recreation nights and indoor bowling events.

We are also investigating other indoor nude events and will keep you informed when they come to fruition.

Our indoor nude recreation nights are planned for October 21, December 2, February 10 and March 23 from 7 pm until 9 pm. At this facility we have the availability of a sports pool, two hot tubs and two saunas's each at different temperatures. A basketball/Volleyball court is available and with enough people a game will break out. For a more private sporting time three racquetball courts are available.

Again we have been able to secure the services from a licensed massage therapist and she will offer chair massage during these events. The price for each event has remained the same at $10 per person for AANR/TNS members and $12 for non members when pre-registering.

Our bowling events will be on November 10, January 26 and March 1 from 7 pm until 9 pm. We have the availability of 8 bowling lanes and small snacks and drinks are available during the event. Unfortunately for the bowling events we have had to raise the admission prices to $13 per person for AANR/TNS members and $15 per person for non members when pre registering.

At the request of both venues we will only disclose the venues and times on the event when registering. Registration is available by sending an e-mail to, or contact Hidden Springs directly at either or 503-699-5442.

The pre-registration deadline is always the Wednesday prior to the event and prior to the first event we will handle season passes for all events.

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