Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bad for Nudism: An Encounter with a Jacker

The previous two posts recounted the great day I had in the sun on Sunday. But not everything was hunky-dory.

I go to Dog Fish Point because nudity is tolerated there. I've reported negative experiences there in the past, but still it is a great place to enjoy the sun and salt breezes. Dog Fish has a following . . . regulars . . . as well as the curious who endeavor the hike to snicker at the nude folks laying around. For the most part I ignore the curious, though I have engaged a few in conversation if they really seemed curious in a positive way. Much as I enjoy Dog Fish Point, there is a negative side to this place and that is the sexual exhibitionist side by a few men (who seem to be regulars). I've noticed it several times that I have gone up to this isolated beach this year.

What I refer to are the few guys who invade your space (or view) with an erection. Such it was last Sunday just before I left . . . in fact, the reason I left before the sun had fully set. I was laying there soaking the rays and enjoying the brisk breezes and salt spray off the Sound when I happened to look over at the rocky point jutting out into the water. There I saw a guy just standing there on the point with an obvious erection . . . even from the distance I was. I tried to ignore him but I started to feel uncomfortable. It was just the two of us on the beach and here he was displaying himself rather obviously.

It was a gross display and soiled the good sensations of wind and sun I had been enjoying. Still, I ignored him and tried to pretend I hadn't seen that. I closed my eyes and let my body go back to full sensory mode . . . you know, that state of opening yourself up to the natural processes going on . . . sun warmth, the ever-shifting patterns of the late afternoon sea breezes with their enticing sprays of seawater mists on your skin. The sounds of the incoming tide and the lapping waves. Even the smells of iodine and the heavy moisture in the air. All of it is part of the experience. I immerse myself in the sensations when I am like this and I become very vulnerable. In a very real way I am having an orgasm of my own . . . a natural co-mingling of my senses with nature. There is nothing sexual about this spiritual experience and one should be left to enjoy this oneness. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

When I opened my eyes again he had turned and was looking in my direction . . . still sporting that erection. He nodded at me . . . I haven't the faintest idea if that was a signal of some sort. I wasn't going to stick around and find out. I think my reaction gave him some idea of my state of mind cause he moved down onto the other side of the point out of my view . . . leaving me alone. Still, the magic of the day had had a damper thrown in on it. I stood up, shook out my towel and got ready to leave. When I came around the point for the RR tracks he was no where to be seen . . . to my great relief.

I'm still learning to deal with these various aspects of public nudity. I would say nudism but what I had just seen wasn't nudism . . . it was lewd exhibitionism. A friend of mine who once told me about this beach also warned me ahead of time that it was nothing but a 'sausage parade' and in many regards he has been right. A number of times I have been up there, there were a number of men who presented themselves in postures and positions that could not be interpreted in any other way but sexually-suggestive (and there are a number of women, mostly coeds from Western Washington State nearby, that have displayed themselves the same way). There are the good people . . . the friends I have met and had great conversations with . . . but I'm not sure if that is enough to outweigh these few unpalatable experiences.

Perhaps I'm a homophobe and the thought of some guy sporting an erection while looking at me nude scares the sh*t out of me. Actually, it doesn't . . . it disgusts me. Rooster Rock in Oregon presented the same thing last summer when everyone who had to negotiate the path from the beach to the parking lot kept their eyes straight ahead to avoid accidentally seeing some perv in the tall grass sitting there with an erection displayed and making eye contact . . . for what? . . . a signal for let's go into the bushes and do it?

It's bad for nudism and naturism and is contrary to the oneness I feel with my surroundings when I am nude. It is an unwelcome intrusion and makes the assumption that because I am naked I want a sexual encounter. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sex is often the last thing I think of when I am nude.

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