Monday, June 27, 2005

Rooster Rock Nude Beach Under Water (snowmelt)

The sign at the entrance to the Clothing Optional Area of Rooster Rock State park on the Columbia River east of Portland MSN MapPoint here

Well, I've always enjoy a good nude rain hike so I don't suppose the fact that it was raining should take away from a visit to Rooster Rock.

That, and the fact that the mighty Columbia River is running a mite high? LOL . . . thar ain't no beach exposed at all. Got to the end of Buffalo Trail . . . the one from the stairs . . . wading through knee-deep, mucky water most of the way and was rewarded with a mere foot or two of wet sand that WASN'T under water. Hmmm . . . tides? Swollen river? Just that time of year?

I've just been educated by someone who knows . . . it's snow melt and the river is at it's highest in June and will have receded enough for some great sunning by August.

I remember the flatness of the beach from last year and wondered if it were possible to make it out to Sand Island (those two little islands in the distance) but I must have hit one of those depressions I remember cause when the water got up to my chest and I didn't seem close enough, I gave up. The water isn't exactly warm enough yet for that kind of exploring.

All the area you see under water on out to Sand Island is normally exposed, flat sand

Exploring, I did and it wasn't pleasant. Pervs all over the place towards the back trails . . . gave me the willies (no insult meant to the Willementans).

The newly installed and dedicated bench just down from the entrance. A place to change before you have to head up for the car.

The staff of the park are GREAT! Spent some time chatting with them and they are so friendly with great, positive attitudes. During my walk-about in the back area I noticed all the beer cans and bottles tossed into the bushes. I'm going to try and make this next beach cleanup. Hopefully . . . the river and weather will relent and gives us back the beach by then.

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