Sunday, June 19, 2005

The SUN is HERE!!!!!!!

Boy, did I call todays glorious weather. Yesterday afternoon I remarked to a friend, pointing at the curve of blue sky on the southern horizon and said, 'That's a high pressure front and we're going to have great weather tomorrow. Wow, did we ever.

I spent close to 16 hours naked in the sun today. From 5am to 9pm when the sun finally did it's dissappearing act in the west . . . I was up there walking in in naked, laying on a convenient sunning rock naked . . . even driving naked, though not once I left the remote forest roads even though I wanted to.

The morning started with a quick nude hike above Martins Creek before I had to do some forest survey work for a friend. Since it is a solitary thing and is in a forest . . . I just did it naked until around 3pm.

Then I drove to the coast unwilling to end the day and the possibilities. I headed for a nude beach I know, staked out my claim on the crushed oyster shells and tried to suck as much UV out of the atmosphere as I could. It just felt so good.

I must be ready to glow in the dark for awhile.

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