Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fisher Creek-Deception Valley Nude Hike

Overlooking the Deception Creek Valley
from the east side of Mount Sawyer

Just got back a few hours ago and I'm happy but tired. So this description of my hike will have to wait for a couple of hours until I refresh and get something to eat.

Well, it's been more than a couple of hours . . . actually the next day as I got involved in naturist forum exchanges about the future of nudism that have me a little hot under the collar. But I promised myself to note down my nude experiences just in case someone else would take benefit from them and also get out and enjoy this wonderful lifestyle. So my report of Fisher Creek . . .

This is the route that intrigued me the last time I was exploring up in the Tonga Ridge area . . . the back road that connects to the end of the Tonga Ridge Trail and a spur of the Decption Creek Trail. The FS road end a few hundred feet further down from these trail junctions at a blocked wooden bridge over Fisher Creek. The last time I was up there, I wondered just where the road went after it crossed the creek because obviously, if it is physically blocked from vehicular traffic then it would make great nude hiking territory beyond.

There is a huge moat of dirt and a deep, impassable ditch
in front of this bridge. Cars can go no further so off it was hiking.

I parked and since I'd driven the entire FS road nude I was ready for the hike. Even so, testing the bridge carefully with my walking stick just in case the warning sign that said "Transportation Neatwork abandoned because of drainage stability" meant the bridge might collapsed on me. It didn't . . . and I found out later that is was extremely stout construction underneath. I headed off to explore the disued dirt road ahead. Where it would take me I had no idea but that's have the fun of hiking, isn't it. Besides, it is pleasant to be able to hike without any thoughts that you might encounter someone else. This road was off the beaten track and I certainly wouldn't be surprised by any cars, would I. I liked that and just strolled slowly, enjoying the sun on me.

Road scars heal slowly. The topo maps I checked showed that this road didn't go far and those topos were dated years in the past. So I assumed the road had been abandoned a long time ago and that the topos only reflected the ending at the bridge. As far as I knew the road could indeed go somewhere and the scars of past tire compactation evidence of slow revertion.

The vegetation is retaking the road but how long will the tire ruts resist?
More importantly, how much more idylic can it get but to stroll naked down this verdant land?

Quiet, and peaceful and I feel luxurious soaking it all in. Unfortunately, those maps were correct. The road ends a couple of hundred feet further on in what looks like and ancient landlside tha once took out the remainder of this road but is now claimed completely in thick, impassable brush. I took in the signs of a few old fire rings . . . deadend camping sites. Then turned around to head back. I could have been disappointed, but I couldn't be . . . it was worth even the little walk. There was still a brindge and a creek to investigate. Still, I dawdled and took my time leaving this little secluded deadend.

Fisher Creek is not as lively as some of the others in this area like Deception but that is to be expected this close to it's headwaters. Still, the cold water does so pretty cascades over the multi-colored rocks

I have a penchance for creeks and love to get up close to them. It wasn't easy as there was no easy way down to the banks except the scrambled down through thick brambles and blackberry thorns. Scratched myself up a little before carefully stepping out onto a slippery granite boulder in the swift water.

The Tonga Ridge geology is made up of a different batholith than the more common stratas of Deception and Surprise valleys. There is more oxidized iron and other mineral content in the granite whereas to the east just over the Straight Creek faultline the granite is chaulier grey and higher in quartzite. The minerals make for a lot of color in the boulders within the creek and I only wish that I'd had my rock hammer with me to collect some samples.

Off I go from boulder to boulder to explore the creek

You get some idea of the different minerals in these boulders when looking up close.

I spent the better part of an hour exploring the creek and even attempting to work my way upslope in hopes of finding an easier route to Fisher lake than the one off Tonga Ridge I found last year.

I got quite wet in the process but fortunately I'd left the backpack in a safe location while I played in the creek. Again . . . it was fun . . . and I am careful.

Lots of places to find a place to sit and enjoy the sun

Every nudist does it. You just cannot bring yourself to end the day and get dressed. I waffled and delayed. As the sun worked it's way toward the ridge above I found a log near my car that was still out of shadow. Precious sunlight.

The drive back takes almost an hour . . . maybe a little more. Even though there were several vehicles at the trail juncture a quarter mile up, I drove nude and purposefully left my clothes out of easy reach. If anyone was there, they'd just see me and that's that. I was going to enjoy my nudity for as long as I could. I waved at a party just getting in. I doubt they noticed . . . they looked bushed. As the road weaved up and around the northern face of Deception and Mt Sawyer the sun blared fully into the car and I made numerous stops to get out and enjoy a few more minutes of it on my skin.

I don't know what it is. Am I becoming addicted to sunlight?

Driving back down with clothes out of reach

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