Friday, June 24, 2005

Photo: Lower Scenic Falls, enjoying the sun

Photo: Lower Scenic Falls, enjoying the sun Posted by Hello

The Scenic Falls area is becoming one of my favorites areas for a quick nude hike. The falls are close to the trailhead . . . a matter of a ten minute easy stroll from where the car is parked and on the four visits I've made this hiking season I gave yet to see anybody in the area.

Where you see me sitting, enjoying the sun, I'm overlooking the glory of the cascading water and the roar of it's 100-150 foot drop. Right in front of me! And yet no body seems to ever come this way! If I feel the need to stretch my legs I can either go down to the creek bed and be reckless (in the nude of course), or I can set off over probably 80 acres of open woodland . . . all without taking a stitch of clothing with me but the shoes and my hat. What freedom that is to be able to walk around totally naked and not have to bother carrying a pair of shorts to put on or deal with a backpack.

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