Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Goldmyer Hot Springs Conditions

From Beth at Goldmyer HS

As of March 13, 2007:
High clearance vehicles can now drive to the river ford. There's still a bunch of snow in the open areas at Goldmyer, but it's thinning out under the trees, and melting fairly quickly. The campsites are mostly snow-free. The warmer weather and 'pineapple express' last week-end has set in motion what's looking like the start of spring snowmelt. It's eariler than 'usual', so perhaps it's just a false start... we shall see. So, right now (again 3-13) the river is higher than intelligent people would probably want to ford. It is dropping in depth since the high on Sunday, but if the temperatures stay warmish and the resulting snowline above Goldmyer, snow melt will continue to affect the river crossing by the hotsprings. The really good news is that this week some visitors snowshoed further up the road to the footbridge access trail, so there is now track in the snow which makes it considerably easier to follow that trail.

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