Saturday, March 24, 2007

Goldmyer HS Access Conditions

From Beth at Goldmyer

As of March 23, 2007: It does appear that we had a 'false start' to spring melt-down. The warmer weather we had for a couple of weeks melted out the lower elevation, and some of the mid-elevation snow. The Goldmyer property is mostly snow-free, and the campsites are clear. The road is melted out as far as the river ford, and a bit farther up towards the footbridge access route. Use only high clearance vehicles. The river has dropped back down to a fluxuating range of lower to upper thigh deep, although do keep in mind that this could change!!!! We have had visitors snowshoe further up the road to the footbridge access trail, so there is now track in the snow which makes that route considerably easier to use.

Updated conditions (as of Saturday morning):  The Pineapple Express moving through the area this weekend has put several river into Flood Stage Alerts:

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