Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Topless In Vancouver, BC

From a VancouverGo blog posting

Vancouver BC Canada vancouver BC Canada
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Vancouver Police will soon be circulating a memo reminding officers that it’s okay for woman to walk around the City topless.

The move comes after a complaint was made to the police department from a woman who has crusaded for the right to go shirtless for years and was victorious in BC Supreme Court.

Vancouver Police Chief Jamie Graham says not everyone realizes it’s okay to bare your breasts in public, “Whether we’ve now evolved to a stage in our society where people can walk around with no clothes or topless is an issue that is going to generate, on some people’s part, concern and when that happens they phone us.”

Graham says officers don’t mean any harm when they detain a topless woman, even if it’s just for brief questioning.

A memo is now being sent to officers reminding them of the Court ruling.

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