Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Portland WNBR Planning

From jasun for the Portland, Oregon World Naled Bike Ride. Organizers are needed for this event which will be held June 9th at midnight. Details can be found at:

Hey All,

So I was wondering if anyone has stepped up yet to get this party started?

I am totally down to throwing down all I have to plan, organize and execute this years ride and party ... but only if I can be part of a planning team of people for this years event. Last year was over 500 people ... this year (weather being nice) I think that 700 riders is not unrealistic.

Here is why I need help from the get go. It is too large of an event for me to do alone. In other words if we can get enough of up planning this thing it will happen ... if not ... well it will still happen but I can only do so much. So if you go the time please help.

I for see a real challenge this year in finding one venue that can accommodate everyone like last year. Then there is the OLCC thing, getting booze and food donations, bands, PA systems, volunteer coordination, Rev. Phil legal support fund-raising ... as Tall Steve pointed out the list goes on.

Anyhow, I threw up a mailing list (mainly to keep traffic off of this one) for those that want to help get this thing off the ground and start throwing around ideas for venues, themes, ideas ... anything. I think that we may have more than one venue this year. Or maybe no venues and a lot of house partys ... who knows?

To get on the mailing list fire off an email to:

with the Subject of: subscribe

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