Friday, March 2, 2007

Goldmyer Hot Springs Update, Mar 2nd, 2007

From Beth at Goldmyer HS

As of March 2, 2007: a brief return to winter and 12" of new snow over the last couple of days, making for a total of about 18" at Goldmyer, we're now looking ahead to a week of snowlines above Goldmyer and rain showers on and off. Of course this means the river depth will rise as a consequence of snowmelt. did a caretaker change over yesterday, and the new snow was amazing to drive thru! Our high clearance vehicles in 4-wl drive could slice right thru the snow without a bit of resistance, in and out of deep tire ruts. It was so fun. We finally had to stop about a mile beyond Dingford (or about 3 miles below the river ford) where we were 'plowing' the snow. Snowshoes or xx-skis were definately needed beyond there. As the days pass, the snow will melt back up the road. Currently there is a big tree down across the road about 2 miles before the river ford. Beware of the river this week, guess for sure what the depth will be, and it reach difficult or dangerous conditions.

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