Friday, March 23, 2007

What are you here for?

I took a look at the site statistics for the blog a few minutes ago . . . curiosity, mainly. Tracking the numbers of visitors is interesting and I'm very gratified that the average daily visitor load is growing. What is more informative though, is what readers click on while on my site. While I expect a number of skimmers just clicking through, some do stay for a period of time and I spot trends in the aggregate. What are my readers . . . well, reading?

Well, in the last two days a large percentage of the 385 distinct visitors actually clicked through on the links within the article on Writing to and Emailing Members of Congress and Your Legislators.

Eighteen clicked to visit the AANRGovernmentAffairs Yahoo Group, 23 went off to visit the CapWiz Site sponsored by AANR and 48 visitors hit the NAC Alerts site from the link in the article. Only my profile picture and the Flickr photo stream referred to in the Vancouver Goes Topless got more clicks (58 and 52, respectively).

What the click history does tell me is that people are looking for solid and tangible naturist information such as legislative and legal issues, and I think that bodes well for nudism. It certainly makes keeping this blog going well worth my time.

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