Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Activists in Seattle want to Create a Nude Beach

In Seattle, where I live, nudity, per se, is not illegal . . . which is great or else none of us would ever take a shower or bath and the whole city would stink to high hell. But there is an ordnance making it illegal to be unclothed if that nudity offends someone. Catch-22 for sun-worshippers.

In a city that encourages and even condones alternative lifestyles . . . a city that practically supports nude bike rides on summer solistice event like the Fremont street fairs, we do not even have one place where those would would like to frolic and enjoy themselves au'natural on the beach.

Last Saturday, a group calling itself the Body Freedom Collaborative along with several other naturist groups in the area, scheduled a get-together on an isolated section of Seattle's Discovery Park called North Beach. The intent was to challenge the obcenity interpretation and to bring more public awareness to the desire of citizens for a place where clothing optional is the norm . . . such as Oregon's Rooster Rock State Park which is the nation's only government-sanctioned clothing optional beach.

The event was heavily publicized and of course, all the media showed up along with two police patrol boats just offshore and uniformed officers standing by on the beach. The one ingrediant to make nudity illegal was provided by one rich beach-front owner down the way who stood by prepared to declare that nudity offended him should anyone dare strip down. The police officers made it clear that if anyone went nude they would be promptly arrested. One did . . . and he was carted away in handcuffs under the greedy eyes of television crews and newspaper reporters.

However, the point was made and the rest of the day turned out to be a good time for all who kept their clothes on and enjoyed a sunny afternoon of games and camaderie . . . while police resources were wasted . . . just in case another nudist dare show himself.

The event served a purpose even though the nude swim didn't happen. It raised awareness and as of this writing, is still making the rounds of the radio talk shows . . . pros and cons being 'discussed'.

There is a straw poll being conducted that at the moment is runned 75% in favor of nude beaches.


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