Saturday, September 25, 2004

An Early Autumn Nude Hike

Who says that summer is over? What a glorious day it turned out to be and I just had to get out and enjoy it. There are plenty of nooks and crannys on the Iron Goat Trail to enjoy naturism.

When hiking nude you don't always have to search for those out of the way trails to get out and enjoy nature au' natural. Today's hike was totally unplanned. No extensive plans . . . I just happened to be driving back from an appointment and felt the need to enjoy the late afternoon sun. I turned off for one of the more popular trails around. A hike I wanted and knowing this trail was always in use I expected it would be a textile hike; which was fine with me. A hike, even clothed, is good for the soul.

Iron Goat. Level, easy, no grade. And empty today. On the way back I got reckless and stripped to enjoy the nice weather. Then I found it . . . the perfect sunning spot. An area of blasted rock on both sides of the trail, up above and over the lip was an area exposed to the full sun . . . and completely unobservable to anyone on the trail. I lay out and just soaked the sun in for almost two hours, even napping several times. No one came by the trail down below.

I've added this spot to my list and will probably be doing another autumn trek before the cold weather dumps on us. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow is Olympic Hot Springs and Sunday is Scenic where I hope to meet up with a friend (female :-) ) of mine. I'll give you a full report when I get back.


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