Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Courtesy Sign: Nude Hikers Ahead

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Fair warning (and polite), you do fellow hikers a courtesy by posting a warning sign

If you hike to a destination where you plan to skinnydip, sun or relax nude, consider posting a warning sign like the one above at a reasonable distance up the trail and perhaps at a location where you can observe hikers approaching in advance. Give your fellow hikers the opportunity to either continue on the trail or make a detour around via another trail. Forewarned, they will appreciate your honesty and thoughtfulness . . . and oft-times will react favorably by continuing on and joining you. There have been occasions when a swim at an alpine lake has turned into a group of never-before-nudists stripping down and enjoying nature with me. It's up to you to present an non-threatening environment that lowers the inhibitions of all concerned.

Feel free to copy and use this sign in your own adventures into the wilderness. Original idea came from the Sunlovers Under Gray Skies (SLUGS) of Seattle.


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