Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Kudos to the Soakers (Scenic commentary)

You're just great!

I was coming up the trail to Scenic last Saturday when I met a young couple coming back down from their soak. We nodded, smiled and said hello as we passed but more importantly, the couple was carrying a plastic trash sack back down with them and were picking up odds and ends as they continued on down the trail. I like to see that people care about something as beautiful as Scenic and take it upon themselves to take some of the responsibility for its' care.

I go up maybe once or twice a week because I like the short hike with relaxation promises at the end. I no longer get quizzical glances when I'm scrambling downhill from the tub picking up beer cans or broken bottles. Some join in and camaraderie is heightened.

Most are intrigued at the vacuuming system we have in place to clean the pools and I teach them all. We, as a group . . . whether you be nudists or just the occasional skinny-dipper . . . whether you be an old-time soaker or a young person from the new generation discovering Scenic for the first time . . . we, make the springs and I thank each and every one of you for pitching in. It's not about 'what's in it for me'. We already have that just for the privilege of being able to visit.

Thank You,

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