Friday, September 24, 2004

[Humor] A simple question? Arousal and etiquette...

Just a little light reading between members of the NudistResorts Forum and a "baiter" (one who makes controversial remarks just to stir up anarchy and discord).

Hello everyone,

I have a question that has some philosophical undertones. However, please forgive me if at times I sound as a simpleton.

(Premise) I have tried nudism a few times in the past on the philosophical premise of:
"what separates Man from beast is the human asset of intellectual sophistication. The test of being "Human" (IMHO) should be a measure of ones ability/mastery of maintaining *self-control* (and intellectual clarity) while in their nude state"

(Question) My question relates to simple yet critical issue of etiquette (expected behavior) in nudist areas.
Particularly: It is my observation that males are always instructed so as to be prepared In the event they experience an unexpected erection. The instruction is to always err on the side of inconspicuousness.

The question at hand is:
"What is the importance of inconspicuousness" ?
Based on the afore mentioned philosophical premise It should NOT mater whether a male (or female) has become aroused (regardless of sexual thought or other Physiological reasons) as long as they maintain composed and they do not *act* upon those instincts.

. . . and on and on for 12 hilarious pages. The link is here


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