Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Scenic: Call for Historic (and not so historic) Photos

Okay, so maybe I'm getting too obsessed with Scenic but it's not my obsession alone. There are cries for information and high interest on the history of Scenic and I'd like to compile and present that history here.

So, if any of you have old pictures of the springs in use around the turn of last century, or know of any interesting stories about the hotel or all the various name changes of the years . . . let me know. For instance, did you know that Deception Falls used to be called Nippon Falls? There is a story in there that I'm working on getting clear in my mind.

Stories and recent photos are welcome too. Heck, I might be in some of those photos. I might be the brunt of more than one embarrassing story as well. Scenic Hot Springs has been gone for three years and seemingly faded from memory. Likewise, there is the new generation who will be making their marks soon enough and deserve the opportunity to experience the springs.


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