Wednesday, September 14, 2005

the adam and eve project: average woman, average man

Nifty project that you might want to consider participating in. Shane Cooper hopes to blend the photos of as many participants as possible to produce a high quality image of the average woman, the average man and an average of both sexes.

Curiously, few men have responded and there is no 'averaging' of a male as there is of the female to the left. Being ever vigilant to worthy causes, I have, of course, volunteered my body to this worthy project. Unfortunately, I think she wants me to remove my floppy blue hat! So I'm going to pose for some pics that meet her specifications.

From her website:

I am seeking as many participants as possible, ranging over the maximum variety of lineage, age, and body types. This is not a project for the "beautiful people" only, I am interested in real people. Your participation is very valuable to me - I need you to represent yourself in the mix. Be brave, it will be worth it - the final image is to be shown in magazines and galleries - there is currently a lot of interest in how this turns out. Don't miss this opportunity to do something fun - help me build something amazing from who you are. Participants will have free access to the final high resolution digital images. These images will be for their own use, and suitable for print. If you are interested in seeing what's involved, or better yet, have decided to join the other contributors, click here -

From each participant, I accept three images
  • a closeup of the face
  • a nude image of the entire body, front
  • a nude image of the entire body, back

As I receive the images, I average all of them into singles images of
  • the avergae woman ("Eve")
  • the average man ("Adam")
  • the average of both sexes, the androgynous being lying between "Adam" and "Eve"

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