Monday, September 26, 2005

Rooster Rock First Annual Bare Buns a Success

Though I wasn't able to make it to the First Annual Bare Buns Fun Run at Rooster Rock State Park this last Sunday, I've gotten word that the event was a success with a good gettogether of fellow naturists taking part in both the running and the beach cleanup that both preceded the event and even during the event as some participants actually picked up the odd piece of trash on the beach as they ran. A unique twist was that the organizers (a loose-knit group on the beach) actually offered prizes based partially on the trash runners picked up during the run. What better way to combine both the fun of the run and a beach cleanup at the same time.

I offer my congratulations to Mickey, Melody and Terry for organizing this event and look forward to bigger events in the future. There is talk of a Hike/Run/Trash Clean-up event in the near future at Bagby Hot Springs. Keep checking their website at for future updates.

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