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WNBR Seattle Mini Ride - Sat, Sept. 24, 2005 1:30 PM (Update)

WNBR Seattle Cyclists:
Posting in the various Naturism Groups by Daniel Johnson

We have just agreed on a start time for our Autumnal Equinox Mini Ride this Saturday! It is also expected to be sunny with a high of 68 degrees F! It should be perfect weather for our bike ride and beach visit!

Bring your friends and ride with complete strangers on a magical cycling tour through Seattle on your favorite human-powered cycling vehicle for one of the most exhilarating cycling experiences since taking off your training wheels! Its the perfect event to mark the end of summer! Don't miss out!


Saturday, Sept 24, 2005
1:30PM Leave Myrtle Edwards Park, Seattle
~2:15 - 2:30 PM arrive at Discovery Park North Beach

The event is as Bare as you Dare! The World Naked Bike Ride dress code is "Bare As You Dare"... How bare is that ? How dare is that ?...Its all up to you, you decide what you are comfortable with. NO ONE IS EXCLUDED OR DISCRIMINATED AGAINST based on levels of clothing, bodypaint, or anything else, for that matter! PLEASE be creative and colorful! Bodypainting and bike decorating is highly encouraged!


Please leave yourself plenty of time to get to the meet-up area/start location which will be on the NW side of new pump facility building (it looks like a restroom facility with a funky organic looking gate, but it has no public access) at the artsy overlook area with view of Puget Sound (just south of the large stone sculpture installation area). PLEASE do not dress down until everybody is ready to leave at the same time.

For those driving/carpooling:

There is very limited street parking in the area. Myrtle Edwards Park is a long, thin park and can only be entered from the north and south of park via the Elliot Bay Trail. There are train tracks and fencing on the east which cannot be crossed. There is also construction going on around the south entrance of the park, but the area is open. Please leave plenty of time to get to the meet-up/start location.

There is some parking on 16th AVE W, which parallels part of the Elliot Bay Trail which we will be traveling on (this trail is not shown on the map below). This area is located to the NW of Myrtle Edwards Park & Elliot Bay Park. The easiest way to drive there is go over an 'S'-shaped overpass from Elliot Ave West (Northbound). You will then have about an eight minute cycling trip to get to the meeting area at Myrtle Edwards Park.

See left part of this map to find the area of 16th AVE W and the overpass.


(tentative - the route may change depending on the group, but it will not be any easier than what is outlined below):

Meet at Myrtle Edwards Park overlook area at pump station, ride through Elliot Bay Park on Elliot Bay Trail, past grain terminal, turn north up 16th AV W trail, slight jog to 20th Ave W (DO NOT continue WEST at junction to Smith Cove Park/marina area), leave the Elliot Bay Trail at that point and go North (right off trail) up 20th AVE to Gilman Ave, then continue to Government Ave and enter Discovery Park's main east entrance.

Once passing Discovery Park's Visitor's Center, keep going up the hill and proceed down restricted traffic road towards treatment facility (there is a sign) and when getting close to lighthouse, go north on path to North sandy beach area, which is NE of the lighthouse on the sandy beach. We plan on going to the very NE part of that long northern sandy beach.


(1) The gravel path that starts by the lighthouse prohibits bicycles (like all non-paved trails in DP). To avoid upsetting the Friends of Discovery Park (that help maintain it) or the Rangers we are advised not to ride our bikes on that last little stretch to the North Beach.

(2) This ride is a bit more intense hill-wise than the first two WNBR rides. If you found either of those rides to be a bit much, this ride may not be for you. However, this route is considered to be one of the more established, easier routes from the two points we are going between. After leaving the beach, the ride going up from sea level is quite steep, some may not feel comfortable cycling up that road.

(3) Much of the route is planned to be along the water on the Elliot Bay Park Trail and then through the rail yards and then off the trail with a protected bike lane all the way to the entrance of Discovery Park. With the addition of using the restricted traffic lane going down to the beach, this means that for much of our journey we will not have to deal too much with car traffic.

The route to Discovery Park is an established cycling route and can be viewed on the Seattle Bicycling Guide Map. That map can be viewed online at:
(PDF file 1.58 MB)

More Park links:

Myrtle Edwards Park
is just south of Elliot Bay Park

Discovery Park

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