Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Seattle mini-nude bike ride report [draft]

Thanks for all of you who rode with us today and those of you who were with us in spirit! It was a fun little ride. While we didn't make it naked all the way to the beach we still had a good ride and we learned a lot about several things by talking with the police and meeting together at the beach. We do have some new contacts and projects coming up to work with. That last hill coming up from the beach was quite a workout!

Those of you who participated in today's ride, could you please double check my figures and facts for today's event?

This marked the fourth naked Seattle bike ride! This year the number of naked bike rides doubled in Seattle! I'm not sure how this compares with Vancouver BC's record of bike rides in one year. Although I'm still sure that they have more organized by a single organization in one year.

  • Time of departure ~2 PM?
  • initial participants 7 at meetup/photo shoot, 1 left, 2 joined us onthe trail, 1 left when police stopped us, 7 made it to beach?
  • total of 8 people participated + a photographer?
  • 1 non-riding photographer, 1 cycling photographer
  • 1 bodypainted
  • 1 woman 7 men
  • 6 police cars responded? how many officers?

We deviated in our route by going up Thorndyke Ave to Magnolia Blvd., where we got stopped by police around W Bertona Street. Police took down our ID information, talked separately to Daniel. Other summary of dialogue with police? A lot of us were very impressed with how nice they were to us and how direct and honest they were with us. Part of the problem was that they did not know about the event ahead of time. We were asked to dress and continued on our ride to the beach.

Correction: there is a paved path most the way to the beach, despite what daniel earlier stated met at beach and discussed beach campaign, progress, strategies with meeting with park and police officials?

more info?
  • total time cycling naked?
  • locations of Ty's photo shoots?
  • how about reactions from people on our route? Impressions of the
  • route and trail itself? Any other comments?

Next events locally (tentative):
  • Polar Bare Dip mid Jan 2006 BFC/SFBC
  • World Naked Gardening Day Year 2 - earlier date? BFC/SFBC
  • Solstice Parade ride! separate event
  • Body Pride Ride at Gay Pride? BPR group
  • WNBR Seattle 2006 (Ride 4) - Main Event -moving to July? Possibly ajoint event TRP/WLP/BFC & ?
  • WNBR Seattle collaborative event - August (Ride 5)? Hint: today's mini ride may have something to do with this. TRP/WLP/BFC & ?
  • Mermaid Swim 2006 Sept? BFC/FKKayakers



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