Monday, September 12, 2005

Aerial Image: Sauvies Island, Collins Beach

The image above is a 'stitched' mosaic of 7 high-resolution aerial images. To the left equals south and the beginning of the clothing-optional area between Trail#1 and Trail #2 and roughly analogous to the curve of the sandbar in the water. Between this area and the area just north of Trail#2 has become very popular with families and children. ORCOBA and the Yellow Flag reps often set up in this area, their presence adding a sense of security and safety to the beach.

There is a very active nude sand volleyball contingent on the beach and the young adults participating (and sometimes allowing us older (over 30) folks in) are very competitive in their tournaments. Another popular sunning area is just north of the volleyball area and continues north toward the taper to the first jetty.

North of the jetty is more popular with people who seek a place to relax without the crowds . . . and sometimes irresponsible partying. This was the site of this years drowning where alcohol was involved and probably contributed to the unhappy outcome.

Going further along the beach, you come to the remains of Tom's Cabin named after a long-time beach-comer who slowly and meticulously assembled his contribution to the beach with loving hands. Sadly, someone took it upon themselves to build themselves a huge bonfire this summer and little remains but charred driftwood. Many remember Tom and are determined to reconstruct the'Cabin'.

Just a little further up the beach is a point that was a favorite among another regular beach goer who just passed away . . . Myran Schnoor. Though I did not personally know the man, countless others did and they speak kindly of his caring soul. The 'point' was one of his favorite parts of the beach and accordingly, I have marked and named the point on the image in his honor and to his memory.

Going just a little further north we come across a low area that becomes very muddy when the tide is out . . . mudflats. Then there is the second jetty and a rocky area before the final stretch of clothing optional beach beyond. This area is popular with the gay element and they do a good job of policing their own. I have never had any problems walking through this area.

The clothing-optional beach ends at a large timber stuck in the beach . . . the official sign just up and barely visible in the dunes west.

Like the previous Rooster Rock image I posted a few days ago, the image behind the 'click' is a much reduced size. For those interested in the original image, drop me a line and I'll send a copy off to you in an email.

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