Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sauvies Island: Bare Buns Fun Run South Planning

The Bare Buns Fun Runs have become a staple of summer nudist activities in the Pacific Northwest each year . . . typically running first at Fraternity Snoqualmie in Issaquah (Bare Buns West), followed by Kaniksa (Bare Buns East (Spokane)) and the final run at Wreck Beach near Vancouver, BC (Bare Buns North). What we'd like to propose is a Bare Buns Fun Run along the firm sand of Collins Beach on Sauvies Island near Portland . . . a Bare Buns South.

The Bare Buns Fun Runs are a 'bare as you dare' event and anybody can participate in any stage of dress they desire (it's clothing-optional but we all know the best way to run a marathon is nude). You don't have to be a marathon runner . . . this is a fun run and many just walk the course for the fun of it . . . and that's what it is all about. FUN!!!!

Collins Beach on Sauvies Island is one of the two beaches in Oregon designated officially as clothing-optional. The beach lies along the Columbia river with superlative views and over a mile of wide, sun-baked fine sand to sunbathe on, join in a competitive game of sand volleyball, or stroll the firm-pack of sand near the water line. Collins Beach has a great reputation for safety and family-friendliness where you can relax and know that the beach community cares and is looking out for you. There can be no better place to delve into the liberating experience of a clothing-optional lifestyle.

Planning is now underway to try a Bare Buns Fun Run. Would you like to participate in a really FUN EVENT? Would you like to be part of the event planning? Would you just like to take this family-friendly opportunity to try the clothing-optional lifestyle?

If the answers to any of those questions are 'YES', let us know by sending a message to myself (link in the Sidebar) or posting a message in the ORCOBA (ORegon Clothing Optional Beach Association) or NWFunInTheSun groups. The date hasn't been set yet but your input could set that up . . . JOIN IN!!!!!!! Be part of the planning for the First Annual Sauvies Island Bare Buns South Fun Run

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