Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Place With No Name

  • If you have never stood atop a high place as the wind caresses your whole body lovingly, then you have missed something sweet.

  • If you have never leapt from that high place and plunged into a deep clear pool uninhibited by any trapping of society, then you have missed something delightful.

  • If you have never lain in the cool grass while the rain drops kiss you in your entirety, then you have missed something valuable.

  • If you have never sat in a waterfall and been truly free, you have missed something worthwhile.

  • If you have never been down to the sea clothed only in the night, then you have missed something divine.

  • If you have never met the wilderness exactly as you are, then you have missed something very precious.

  • If you don't understand any of this at all, I hope that one day you will. If you never do, then you will have missed something important about your very humanity.
  • Shane's very eloquent words manifest what many of us feel when we are out there communing with nature . . . seeking and finding that epiphany; oneness and belonging. I very shamelessly borrow Shane's words here under 'Fair Use' in the hope that you will visit his website and come to the realization of what being a naturist really is all about. I cannot say it better than Shane.

    Shane's Hiking Journal and "On Being Human"

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