Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rooster Rock Bare Buns 5K Run & Walk Event Report

You all missed a wonderful event on Sunday morning, one that I hope grows into a major event next year. The weather was perfect, mid-70's. The wind was not blowing. The sky was clear and robin's egg blue. All around was the quiet and the majesty of the Columbia Gorge. A small group of us met with Mickey to run 3.1 miles, along the firm sandy beach of (aptly named) Sand Beach at Rooster Rock State Park. There were seven runners in all, six males and one female. The goal was to have a fun run, to pick up garbage spotted along the way, and to donate the entry fee to the American Red Cross for the Katrina relief fund.

We all headed out, at the blow of the starting whistle, at about 11:00 am. The lead was taken, early, by the only female of the group. She ultimately came in first with a time just over 21 minutes. One of our group found a shovel head on the beach and a large piece of metal which he toted back to the finish line. I found an old beer can and some other odds and ends. We left the course cleaner than we found it. Prizes included a $20 gift certificate to McMenamins, some sunglasses, some caps, and some water bottles. In addition, ribbons were given to the top finisher, second-place finisher and top finishers in each age group.

We were a small group, but the enthusiasm was great. We are all looking forward to next summer and, hopefully, several runs like the Rooster Rock BBFR. The nicest, and most sensual, thing for me was to get to run for over three miles with absolutely NOTHING on. There was no need for running shoes and socks. Barefoot was just fine and it felt so good to be so free from "textiles." Not many nude runs can be run that way. Personally, I'd like to see several groups band together to do a large run out at Rooster, next summer, or alternatively for several groups to sponsor a series of bi-weekly runs. The more, the better. Also, runs on personal properties might be considered, if anyone knows anyone with enough land. Or, a longer run along the Pacific Ocean might be organized. Let's be creative.

Brad (posting in ORCOBA)

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