Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bring Beach Status - Eugene ,OR

Bring Beach was set fire to last year, causing substantial damage to the trees and brush of the ecosystem along the river. A forum post suggests that the 'actual "beach" is only about 20 feet of mud and dirt'. While nudity is still traditional and practiced in this area, the poster goes on to say, ' you can go nude, but there are very few folks using the beach itself. The reason there are so many cars in the lot is due to all the gay activity going on'.

It's unfortunate that inappropriate activity has taken over wht remains of Bring Beach. Hopefully, as the weather improves, local naturists will reclaim the beach and help clean it up once more.
Most naturists or nudists have moved to various turn-outs on McKenzie View Drive near Armitage Park on the way to Coburg . . . Nudie Rock being one of those locations.

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